What is bone fracture repair?

When you experience a bone break (also known as a fracture), it’s important that the bone can heal properly in its original position. There are several treatments for a broken bone, and the one a doctor recommends is based upon several factors. These include how severe the break is and where it is. While some bones can heal by wearing a cast, others may require more invasive treatments, such as bone fracture repair.

Internal Fixation for Fractures

A broken bone must be carefully stabilized and supported until it is strong enough to handle the body's weight and movement. Until the last century, physicians relied on casts and splints to support and stabilize the bone from outside the body. The advent of sterile surgical procedures reduced the risk of infection, allowing doctors to internally set and stabilize fractured bones.

A fracture occurs when a bone becomes cracked or broken; this can happen to any bone in the body.

Types of fracture

Fractures are commonly categorised as open (compound) or closed (simple); an open fracture is a clean break where only the bone is affected, while a closed fracture also affects the tissue and skin around the bone. There are several different types of fracture; the most common types of fracture include transverse, oblique, hairline, impacted, spiral, compression and stress fractures:

Stress fractures are generally caused by repetitive actions or overuse, which results in a serious bruise or crack in a bone. This most often occurs in the feet or lower legs during activities such as running, jumping, or walking.

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